Data Center Services





  • Within our premises and facilities we either host your own physical server and security devices or we provide you a dedicated server with Rackspace Colocation, equipped and configured to allow secure client access to your private servers. Our Data Center provides private and confidential customer services and is limited to a small number of clients.
    The facilities offered among others are:
  •  Environmental control including constant temperature and humidity maintenance
  •  Fire suppression system
  •  Redundant power sources, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) backup
  •  Power generator in case of general power failure
  •  Video monitoring of the facilities
  •  Physical security such as card & biometric entry
  • Our IT Department can assist you or act on your behalf for:
    •  Configure, service and support under customer instructions
    •  Selecting your own internet connection provider, type and speed
    •  Selecting your Server and security equipment

   Our products and services are based on reduced risk. Through a series of private consultations we will ascertain the best strategy for your particular circumstances and work with investment advisors, lawyers and other key professionals to provide the most appropriate international structure for your needs.