The establishment of a New Administrative Court in Nicosia, Cyprus



          The legislative body of the Republic of Cyprus introduced the Law 131 (I)/2015 referred to as the Law on the Establishment and Operation of an Administrative Court. This new law provides for the establishment of an Administrative Court with exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate administrative recourses under Article 146 of the Constitution. This is the eighth amendment to the Constitution of Cyprus whereby previously the Supreme Court had the exclusive jurisdiction to rule on any complaint that a decision, act or omission of any body, authority or person exercising any executive or administrative authority is contrary to any provisions of the Constitution or of any law, or has been issued in excess or abuse of powers vested in the body, authority or person concerned.


          The main aim and initiative of this Law is to lighten the case load of the Supreme Court of Cyprus which currently adjudicates on administrative and public recourses at first instance and, consequently, to reduce the time required for the Supreme Court to rule on civil and criminal appeals helping in this way to speed up the dispensation of justice. Previously appeals were heard by the Supreme Court within a period of three to four years from the date when the appeal was filed. In particular 6,063 appeals had been submitted in 2013 and 8,130 were still pending at the end of that year. 


          Hence the creation of the Administrative Court will have a positive impact on the dispensation of justice and will be a much speedier resolution to cases.




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